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Wood chips of such wood species as drooping birch, common aspen, speckled alder, black alder, small-leaved linden, oak, maple, European white elm, European hornbeam, European ash are originated from well managed forests and certified by PEFC and FSC 100%.

Purpose: fuel wood

Size grade: medium

Fuel value: high

Species composition: broadleaf wood

Utilization: chip crushing in drum chipper



 PEFC, FSC 100%



 PEFC, FSC 100%



 PEFC, FSC 100%

Furniture board made of solid natural wood is an ecologically friendly material which is ideal for manufacture of high-class furniture, wooden staircases, wall panels, doors, stairs, window sills and decoration in general. Long-lasting performance, reliability, high aesthetic value, respectable and noble appearance are the main characteristics of our funiture board.

We produce variously cross cut furniture board, which could be made of solid blocks or built-up finger-joint board of radial, half-radial or tangent cut.

Glue joints DIN EN 204 correspond to load group D3, or to load group D4 if the modifier is used.

The Moisture content of wood is 8±2%.

The board is classified by the categories 1(SOLID) and 2(FJ) depending on the combination of glued solid or finger-jointed lamella board slabs:

  • category 1(SOLID) comprises all lengthwise solid slabs,

  • category 2(FJ) comprises all lengthwise finger-jointed lamella slabs.

Furniture board thickness :  18 to 45 mm.

Furniture board width : 300 to 1200 mm.

Furniture board length : up to 5000 mm.



 PEFC, FSC 100%

Window glued laminated lumber is an environmentally friendly material for the manufacture of high-quality wood windows. It is stronger than usual solid timber, subjected to almost no distortion, and never cracks. It has good thermal-insulating properties. Glued laminated lumber does not deform at rapid change of temperature.  Window glued laminated lumber is a flat surface, uniform color and finish.

Basic oak beam crosscuts:









We produce variously cross cut furniture board, which could be made of solid blocks or built-up finger-joint board.

The glued joints according to DIN EN 204 correspond to load group D4.

The moisture content of wood is 12±2%.

Beams are ranked according to the main categories – 1(DKD), 2(DKK), 3(KKK) - depending on the combinations of glued, solid and joined lamella and their lengths:

  • category 1(DKD) – finger jointed inner lamella of a beam (short timber length min=150мм). Solid outer lamella. It is acceptable to produce beams made of three glued solid lamella.

  • category 2(DKK) – finger jointed inner lamella and one outer lamella (short timber length of jointed inner lamella min=150mm, jointed outer lamella length min=200mm). One solid outer lamella. It is acceptable to produce beams from two solid and one jointed outer lamella.

  • category 3(KKK) – all finger jointed beam lamella (short timber length of the jointed middle lamella длина min=150mm, for jointed outer lamella min=200mm - max=1000mm).

Beam length:

for categories 1(DKD) and 2(DKK) – min = 500mm, max = 3000mm,

for category 3(KKK) max = 6100 mm.