About Company

OOO Baltic Forest Company was founded in 2005 and for less than 15 years has turned into the largest player in the market of timber harvest and woodworking.

We rent a fifth part of all the forests in Kaliningrad region, which is around the 58 thousand hectares. Our prominent reserves of wood are confirmed by the official annual admissible volume of harvest  - 133 800 m3.


Besides the timber harvesting, "Baltic Forest Company" holds the reforestation events, namely plants new trees at least on 143 hectares and also ensures fire and sanitary safety in already grown forestland, constructs and repairs forest roads.

The purpose of our company is sustainable and dynamic development in consequence of manufacture of the hi-tech production, capable to compete and advance the western analogs, and also the totally wasteless wood processing, but the main sense which we put in our enterprise is an increase of prestige of Russian companies in the global market.

As a confirmation of our conscientiousness, frankness and  international orientation, Baltic Forest Company underwent the certification from independent international auditors, FSC since 2016 and PEFC since 2017, for the forest administration and supply chain. The confirmation of these certificates is annual.

We aspire to create the Production which will work many decades for the benefit of society, involving more and more people in our mission, the Production, which will be able to take care of the environment, and the Production, which in the near future will be able to become the epitome of the noble work and honest business.